vazo, ben ve diğerleri

vazoyu ben kırmadım aslında. ama herkes ben kırdım zannediyor. en çok şunu merak ediyorum: delirmeden hemen önce ne hissetmiştir bir deli. bunun cevabını öğrenmek için vazonun etrafında dönüyorum. yorgan da benimle birlikte dönüyor. son gücümle yorganı düzeltip açıkta kalan ayaklarımı örtmek istiyorum, mümkün olmuyor. sabah oluyor. korkmuş mudur acaba, hissetmiş midir delireceğini. aklını kaybetmemek için vazoyu kıranın kendisi olduğunu kabul etmiş midir. kabul etmek zor. vazoyu kırmadığını bile bile vazoyu ben kırdım demek zor.

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Michael Scott

Michael is the regional manager of the Scranton branch of the fictional paper distribution company Dunder Mifflin. He is socially awkward, has few friends, and is quite lonely. He thinks of himself as an office comedian and his attempts at humor reflect his desperate wish to be liked. But they prove unfunny at best and are often inappropriate, and sometimes offensive or unwittingly mean. Much of the humor of his character derives from his lack of self-awareness, which is highlighted by the awkward situations he creates for himself and his inability to extricate himself from them. His shortfalls are compounded by his seemingly huge ego. His subordinates, with the exception of Dwight Schrute, all think of him as a screw-up and generally incompetent boss. Before he was promoted to regional manager he was a great salesman, which sharply contrasts with his social awkwardness. He is sexist and racially insensitive at times, objectifying women and applying multiple black stereotypes to Stanley and the workers in the warehouse, particularly Darryl. Michael is socially inept, which has obviously been disabling in both his private and professional lives.

The death of Ed Truck, his immediate predecessor as office manager, hit him very hard; it made him realize he may one day die alone and friendless. There are many other examples throughout the series detailing just how alone Michael really is. In the episodes "The Secret" and "The Convention", Michael refers to Jim as his best friend after Jim simply told him a secret and shared a drink with him.